Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Ok, 'Suede Jackets' it shall be! Time for me to get on with some outfit sets featuring them. Wish me luck these ones i have make me nervous.

Gucci - Pea Coat Style

Gucci - Pea Coat Style

BA SH white dress
£160 -

Gucci pea coat
£1,240 -

Desti Saint leather tote
£180 -

Akillis white gold earrings
£6,485 -

Fallon pearl earrings
£62 -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
£15 -

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
£12 -

The second trend is 'Suede Jackets' and some very unique looking ones of those i have seen!

Ok, the first trend i have for you is 'Tweed Dresses' i've been very picky with them but i think i have a good lineup i can show off to you!

Rick Owens - Embroidered Biker Jacket Style

Rick owens - Embroidered Biker Jacket Style

Apiece Apart cotton pullover sweater
£180 -

Rick owens jacket
£3,795 -

True Religion slim jeans
£100 -

Flat sole shoes
£20 -

Missguided silver jewellery
£9 -

Mauro Grifoni Checked Biker Jacket Style

Oh yes

There you have what i think are some super cool 'Wool Biker Jackets' those are the ones i would gladly take and wear! I think those are wonderfully designed!!

They are all still available and some discounted too ;-)

Many many kisses to the designers of these 'Wool-Biker Jackets'

Neil Barrett jacket

Bouchra Jarrar jacket

Rick Owens jacket

Balmain jacket

Mauro Grifoni jacket

Isabel Marant jacket

Jigsaw jacket

Wool Biker Jacket Showcase

You know i'm a fan of 'Biker Jackets' so it's not really any surprise that i am showcasing them again except these ones are 'Wool Biker Jackets' . .These ones i am about to show off are what i think are the best looking ones out there and the ones i am lusting after!

Here they come

Who is opening this showcase?

It's Jigsaw!!


Monday, 29 September 2014

NSF 'Lesli Buffalo' Plaid Shirt Style - i'd probably go up a size or two or three with the cardigan, anything to wear this cardigan with this shirt :-/

That's it ive decided i am going with the 'Wool Biker Jacket' yes more wool than anything else! Right, time for me to get on with some outfit sets featuring them.

Catch you later xx

The last trend i could do a showcase on is 'Wool Biker Jackets' and i have seen some good looking ones of those i could show off!
There are also some wonderful looking 'Tartan Shirts' i've also seen but it's so confusing because some of these shirts come up as plaid even though they come under plaid, plus i've seen quite a few different definitions of the difference between tartan and plaid. The only one that makes any sense is that in some parts its called tartan and in other parts its called plaid another definition i read is that tartan is the material and plaid is the pattern. It's so confusing, i want to cry


Ok, the first trend i have looked over is 'Pea Coats' and i have seen some very nice looking ones of those i could do a showcase on.

Crea Concept -Hooded Jersey Sweater Style