Monday, 31 August 2015


Some very nice 'Polka Dot Cardigans' I've seen...

I shall be showcasing them here next!

Catch you soon xx

Another Session With Dr Fash

Fash: How are you Reby? 

Reby: I am good thanks and you?

Fash: Very well...tell me, have you had a look at any business cards?

Reby: I sure have, here are some of the ones I am loving the look of.

(She hands some samples over to the Dr)

Fash: I must say, those are some snazzy looking business cards. You sure have the hots for the transparent ones. Those are very stylish.

Reby: Yes, I do have a soft spot for them but they look costly.

Fash: They sure do but I guess if you start off with the cardboard ones, then in the meantime you can save up for the transparent ones but saying that Check and see the price of them first, you never know, they might surprise you.

Reby: Your right, I'll do that, got to start somewhere.

Fash: Exactly...any news on your website?

Reby: Here's where I am at with that. Since I can't afford to hire someone to do it for me, I came across this site where I can create my own one. I've had a look at it and it seems pretty easy to do. Saying that I am going to order this book off Amazon called website building for dummies, I should be ok reading that.
What do you think Dr?

Fash: I think your on the right track Reby. What else have you been up to?

Reby: I've been getting on with more outfit sets on Polyvore, it really is my second home.

Fash: I hadn't heard of that site until you mentioned it, I told my wife and she signed up to it and now does all her shopping from it, using my credit card, of course.

Reby: hehe...that site is addictive you know. I have a magic clipper too.

Fash: A magic clipper? But your using a tablet not laptop

Reby: Exactly! Wink wink

Fash: Maybe the watchers are guiding you...uumm

Reby: Sketching!

Fash: They don't miss a know fashion week or should I say weeks is coming very fast.

Reby: I know I can't wait, I might go down to the London one and hang outside like a groupie, since I haven't been invited to no shows.

Fash:Oh no that is not good but yes you should go down there, soak in the atmosphere, why not! You've got that FashionOne channel and I am sure they will be showing the shows on there soon enough and Check out youtube, some people will have videos on there too.

Reby: Your right and I love FashionOne so much and still so grateful for that channel. 

Fash: I know you do. So do you have any other things your going to doing?

Reby: I do want to scour different markets, for accessories and props I could use for photoshoots. Looking for unusual looking items, I think it would be an exciting adventure. I'm going to head to Camden Market first, I live Camden, its a carnival everyday, such a feel good town. I know I could find some interesting things there.

Fash: That sure sounds like an exciting adventure. Here's what I want you to do. Make sure you come back and see me and with you, bring some of these items in to show me. 

Reby: OK cool, sure I will.

Fash: That's settled then, I look forward to it. I'll be seeing you soon Reby.

Reby: Yes you will Dr.

Until next time...

Etro - Paisley Print Shirt Style

Etro - Paisley Print Shirt Style

Etro Paisley print shirt
£300 -

Whistles black cropped jacket
£95 -

Delpozo high-waisted shorts
£224 -

Yves Saint Laurent sandals
£580 -

Jil Sander shoulder bag
£610 -

Nars nail polish 
£13 -

MSGM - Fringed Paisley Print Shirt Style

MSGM - Fringed Paisley Print Shirt Style

MSGM Fringed Paisley print shirt
£440 -

WearAll turtle neck crop top
£5.45 -

Neil Barrett mini a line skirt
£320 -

Yves Saint Laurent over the knee boots
£795 -

Coach crossbody bag 
£336 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings
£21 -

Givenchy lip gloss
£20 -

Mmm mmm mmm

Oh yes, those 'Paisley Shirts' are what I'm talking about, I live those ones,they make my mouth water! Those ones I would take in a heartbeat and wear! Wonderful designs from their designers!

They are all available to buy, for now but for how much longer, I don't know, look at them!

Many kisses to the designers of those 'Paisley Shirts'!

Etro - Paisley Print Shirt

Etro paisley print shirt

Etro paisley print shirt (see more paisley print tops)
£254 -

Wallis - Navy Paisley Print Shirt

Wallis Navy Paisley Print Shirt

Wallis Navy Paisley Print Shirt (see more paisley print shirts)
£40 -

Warehouse - Paisley Printed Shirt

Warehouse Paisley Printed Shirt

Warehouse Paisley Printed Shirt (see more blue collared shirts)
£32 -

Apricot - Paisley Print Sleeveless Shirt

Apricot Rust Paisley Print Sleeveless Shirt

STELLA McCARTNEY - Paisley Print Shirt

Stella McCartney paisley print shirt

MSGM - Fringed Paisley Print Shirt

MSGM fringed paisley print shirt

MSGM fringed paisley print shirt (see more black fringe tops)
£421 -

Etro - Floral Paisley Print Shirt

Etro floral paisley print shirt

Etro floral paisley print shirt 
£399 -

Warehouse - Paisley Printed Shirt

Warehouse Paisley Printed Shirt

Warehouse Paisley Printed Shirt (see more paisley print tops)
£32 -

Versace - Paisley Style Shirt

Versace Collection Paisley Style Shirt

Etro - Paisley Print Shirt

Etro Paisley Print Shirt

Etro Paisley Print Shirt (see more paisley shirts)
£327 -

Paisley Shirt Showcase


I hope your ready for a showcase of 'Paisley Shirts' because its time for me to show off what I think have to be some of the best looking ones out there! These ones I would gladly welcome here!

Who is opening this showcase?

It's Etro!!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

I've checked out 'Paisley Shirts'...

I shall be giving you a nice spread of those here next!

Catch you soon xx

Rick Owens - Shawl Blazer Style

Rick Owens - Blazer Style

Rick Owens shawl blazer
£2,420 -

Marsèll black leather boots
£670 -

Rick Owens flap crossbody bag
£1,515 -

Black earrings
£15 -

Glo Minerals eyeliner
£13 -