Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Oh the drama!


I don't know what time or what I shall be showing off to you here next...

There can always be drama working on outfit sets, especially ones i have worked on but saved into my drafts section because when i go back and look over those sets, to check if all items are still available before I do a showcase on that particular trend, most of the time I find that those items have now 'Sold Out' and these are usually items that I have only just clipped to polyvore, maybe only a few days before. It makes me want to cry because then I have to re-work the outfit but then again I am also happy because they have 'Sold Out'. I'm telling you things are selling very fast!

I hope what I have written makes sense to you when you read this...'s just that I went to the gym today and now feel like I could sleep for England!!

Anyway I will catch you here again tomorrow sometime,ok?