Saturday, 16 April 2016

The time has come...


I shall be taking off a few days from doing the showcase. I am going to be catching up on outfit sets, well working on more of them and boi is there lots for me to be playing with. I also need to do a massive 'Clip To Polyvore' shop! Things are selling out so fast, as I've said before, I seem to like or clip things and the next thing i go back to look upon them, thinking yeah, I could work on this or think I could add the item to an outfit set or if i have used the item before in an outfit set and i think I could re-use it again in another set I usually always find it has 'Sold Out', I feel screwed over and it drives me crazy...

but it's not the items fault, as their delicious!

I will also be going into 'Marvel Land' it's one of my favourite pastimes you see, i am loving reading the 'Black Panther' comics, if you don't know about 'Black Panther' then i guess you best start reading these stories. Why don;t you start reading 'Who is the black panther?' this would be the perfect place for you to start...

Happy reading!!

I will catch you back here real soon, in the meantime I will be posting some outfit sets,ok?