Sunday, 5 June 2016

If my client wants something, they will have it!

Reby - I've checked out those fabulous earrings you told me you wanted but i'm sorry to tell you they are only pre-order

Client: What does this mean?

Reby: It means they aren't available or you won't receive them until November

Client: What! I can't wait till November, I am going out to this big event next week and I wanted to wear them with the an outfit I've got. Is there anything you can do to get them

Reby: Well, I guess I can contact the company and if no one picks up, fly myself over them and beg them for the earrings but what if they want extra cash for sorting us out with this deal?

Client: I don;t care care how much it cost and I have no budget, please Reby sort this out for me.

Reby: I will do the best I can, you know me, i would go to the ends of the earth to please any client of mine.

Client: Thank you Reby, I'll be in contact very soon!

(This is the problem with pre-order, we have to wait for months and months until we receive the goods)