Monday, 1 August 2016

A Dummy For Business :-/


Just to let you know, I won't be able to showcase over the next three days as I will be on the business start up course, which I started last Tuesday, that was more an induction day but we still had work to do in our work books. I feel like such a dummy when it comes to business especially the business vocabulary, you know business people like to use such long words like doctors and all other medical people, so I've been looking up and memorising these words and their meanings. I'm not the only one on the course that is struggling with this new vocabulary, well, it's new to us but we'll get there in the end.  Thank god for the fashion styling course I did, there is a tutorial I was sent, more towards the end of the course which concentrated on the business side, starting your own styling business and this info has helped and eased me alot and alot more while doing this course, even though the other tutorials that were given throughout the course have and will still continue to help me, I always know they are there to refer too along with all the feedback I was given from doing the assignments!

I recommend the course I did with the 'British College Of Professional Styling' to any aspiring stylist out there. It's a very very useful course to do!
There is alot more to styling than just putting outfit sets together and that course has shown me that!

I am still going to have a website through but the domain name I would like to use seems to be too long for the site, which makes me sad but I will see if I can sort something out.

I will keep you posted on this 'Business Start Up Course' I am doing, wish me luck!