Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I miss you so much...more drama!

I miss you soooo much, I could cry...but I will come back to you soon, ok? I've been carrying on with the business course and learning more each day, it's a lot to take in but it's very informative. I do miss the creativity very much, like being on polyvore and putting outfit sets together :-( You know my heart belongs in the 'Fashion Industry' don't you? 

Sometimes I do wonder how I will handle keeping on with the creativity and running a business, please god give me strength,ok? You know I can't afford to hire any body and have to do things on my own, well for the time being anyway. It's me, myself and I!

working on my curriculum vitae is a nightmare, for the work experience section, i have wrote 'I'll be honest with you, my heart wasn't in any of the jobs I did! My heart belongs in the 'Fashion Industry'! So who wants to hire me now?   This is all I shall be writing there...ready to be handed in, unless I can think of anything else to include.

I will keep you posted on this, you know, I would much rather hand someone my Portfolio than my curriculum Vitae!