Tuesday, 23 August 2016

This is going to be tough!!


I'm still missing you but I'll come back soon,OK?

I said I would keep you posted on my business, well I haven't started it yet but I've found out some more info that is going to help me, I hope on securing some possible clients.
I basically been doing research using mosaic on who and where to find possible clients. Why do I have the toughest group! These kind of people probably already have personal stylist, saying that I am still going to try my best to get some of these people as clients, if they don't find me first. I know the areas I can find them, so even if I have to go to these areas and walk around all day till I find some then I will! I will make surd I take my flats in my bag if I am not wearing them because I know my feet will start aching me, its not like I have a driver or anything and pray to god that on the train ride home I can sit down! It's not like I can get in to something that is say invite only or VIP as I'm not a very important person. So walking around those areas is just what I'm going to have to do, to start with.

Anyway I am also going to sort out getting a website done and business cards printed. On my website if your interested in me working with you and you like what you've seen of my work, then you can contact me privately there because I will have an inbox, rather than using comments to contact me.

Regarding my showcase, I will be showcasing here again but twice a week for the time being, I've still got the business course to complete, pray I pass it,OK?