Friday, 23 September 2016

I can't help if i want the effects!!

I've been working on 'Client Reports' well how I want them to be layed out after I have had a client for a colour or body analysis or even both and it has been driving me crazy, even though it's finally looking how I want it to!

If you become a client of mine you will either want the 'wild' fun layout or the boring layout, by boring i mean the normal standard writing text, trust me It's boring I've seen it (yawn)

What's driving me really crazy and making my blood boil is that when i go to save the 'wild' version which has effects i have used in it, it always says some features I have used aren't compatible. That means that when I next open the document, the features/effects I have used don't even save and I have to do them all over again.

I'm getting fed up of this and refuse to settle for the boring looking version which makes me want to fall asleep!

What can I say, i am 'Wild'!

Which report are you going to want? i do wonder...

To be continued...