Monday, 19 September 2016

More waves to tackle...oh deary me

I just want to cry right now, I have a clear vision of how i would like the wardrobe for my logo/image to look and an overall vision of how I want the layout for example 'A Client report' but I worry about the graphic designer not seeing this vision of mine or not being able to do it because some graphic designers only deal with actual text logos and not a drawing image and its the drawing image that I am looking for, so it's on with the adventure of trying to find one that can do this. I worry that the graphic designer would say, give me three options or show me three options and none of those options are looking how I want them, then what? well, then, I would be back at square one and that is no good.Sometimes I think i would be better off trying to do this graphic design myself but with no graphic design program or any money, how can I do this? If I could get one, this image would be done so easily! I've been having a whale of a time with microsoft word 2016, playing around with different shapes btw, it's addictive.

Anyway on with this adventure, You know getting this image done is just the beginning of my business adventure, god help you on this journey with me. 

I shall keep you posted!

To be continued...