Thursday, 3 November 2016

Instagram - We have a missing link between you, polyvore and I

As you know I have finally joined 'Instagram' and already gained a following on there. The only thing is, if someone likes items they have seen in my outfit sets, there isn't a direct link for them to go and purchase what they see. I do have a link to my polyvore styling page on the profile I have on 'Instagram' but that only directs someone to the 'Overview' page I have on polyvore when really the link needs to take the person straight to the outfit page, which would make it alot easier for them to go ahead and purchase what they have seen. 

I also would like to add some more sentences to my bio on 'Instagram' explaining this but it looks like I have run out of word space.

I know sooner or later someone is going to leave a comment under one of my sets asking me how they can purchase items and having this link or another way they can would be very helpful for them!

I just had to come here and get this off my chest. We shall see what happens!

To be continued...