Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Please forgive me,ok?


I know I haven't spoken to you that much lately, I hope you can forgive me?

What have I been getting up to? Well, I think when I last spoke to you I mentioned doing a 'Business Course'? I have completed that course and passed it! So happy about that! and have recently started doing some work experience as an admin assistant,no, it's not in a fashion related business but i am enjoying gaining this experience. It's something I can add to my cv, which doesn't have that much on it, so this is a very welcome thing for me to be able to add to it.

I am now going to be starting a 'Media Course' and I can't wait, it's two days a week for twelve weeks. I shall be learning how to create webpages, image editing, desktop publishing, adobe indesign and creative suite, magazine publishing and a few other things that I know are going to help me along the way of starting a fashion styling business. Doing this course means if I learn all these things, hopefully I won't have to pay someone to do it for me e.g creating web pages because I will be able to do it myself! Yeah!

I shall still be posting outfits I have put together and doing showcases but they will be scattered, is scattered a word in the dictionary?

Anyway i shall keep you posted on my progress.

To be continued...