Thursday, 23 March 2017

When I say buy, I mean 'BUY' now!

Hi Everyone

I have been posting outfit sets I have put together to 'Twitter' and making sure  that what I am posting to there, that the items are available to buy. At the time of putting the outfits together, I make sure everything is available to buy. Anyway going through and checking to see if the items are still available to buy, especially the main item featured in the outfit before I post them, I am finding that alot of them are no longer available to buy, as they have 'Sold Out', yet at the time when I have published them on 'Polyvore' and to my blog they have been available to buy!

Everything is selling out very quickly!

So when I say buy, I mean 'BUY',ok?

I think it's time for me to go on a clip to 'Polyvore' shopping spree!