Monday, 9 April 2018

All Is Not Lost!


I know all my outfit set images have gone from here . I didn't want them to disappear from here as the download of them that polyvore sent me have no titles on them, so I am having to find other places I have uploaded my sets to, to get the titles back on my sets which is going to take me some time to do. Some of those outfit sets are on one of my pinterest boards and others I will add soon

I now have a Pinterest business account which is

Pinterest is now my playground! but I do need to sort out a website at some point aswell. I do have what i want to use for my business logo on my pinterest profile. I designed this myself using Adobe Photoshop. I didn't use Illustrator only photoshop! It's only a small image on my pinterest profile but i guess when I sort out a website you would see it bigger.

Anyway I've things to be getting on with now. At least I can still come here and talk to you.

To be continued...

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